Visual Art


3D Sculpture by Arsen Asyrankulov

The nightmarish beings from the imagination of Kyrgyzstan-based artist Arsen Asyrankulov are hauntingly beautiful and detailed beyond belief. Majestically alien, biomechanical, and torturously intricate, they have both the ethereality of a divine plane and the insistently organic, macabre physicality of an extraterrestrial world. Seemingly part-god, part-corpse, part-demon, Asyrankulov’s digital sculptures have a visceral and fluid anatomy hybridizing different forms and merging with their environments, as in a queenly figure who seems inseparable from the vast throne-like structure behind her, which also evokes a skeletal form embracing/imprisoning her. Asyrankulov’s art calls to mind immense scales and landscapes of frightening grandeur, colossal voids housing the palaces of dead alien gods, all emanating an outr√© baroque quality and rendered in disturbing splendor.