Crafts / Visual Art


Internal Forest: The Paper-Cutting Art of Elsa Mora

Elsa Mora is a boundlessly creative paper-cutting artist. With sharp knives and scissors, she crafts evocative, entangling scenes, vignettes, and storytelling images of incredible detail out of paper, full of fairytale whimsy and personal expression. Her work has a childlike quality, reminiscent of vintage children’s book illustrations, as well as a complexity, intricacy, and attention to detail on a miniature scale; showing an internal wilderness of twisting vines/blood vessels, red flowers, insects, and other symbols of nature’s marriage with the anatomy of the psyche in her work. The pieces convey the alluring yet foreboding air of fairy tales, a sense of personal pain, broken innocence, the mystery and power of nature, and playfulness. They are three-dimensional works of art, violent drops of red against a white background, all rendered in the most lovingly detailed and ingenious way in a fragile and ephemeral medium.