Naomi Kizhner’s “Energy Addicts”

Energy Addicts is a project by Israeli graduate student Naomi Kizhner. Kizhner, a designer and “trend theorist,” seeks to “provoke the thought about how far we will go in order to ‘feed’ our addiction in the world of declining resources.” The project comprises three devices, the Blinker, the E-Pulse Conductor, and the Blood Bridge – jewelry pieces which harness the body’s energy to generate electrical power. Some of them are embedded into the veins, and thus invasive.

Kizhner plays with the idea of human bodies as “biological wealth.” Using “invasive gold and biopolymer devices,” electromagnets, micro energy cells, and micro turbines, she turns the wearer into a natural resource, where “simple movements performed by the subconscious are fully utilized” – provoking interesting questions about ethics and the quantification of the individual. The Blinker extracts energy from blinks of the eyelids, the Blood Bridge uses a hypodermic needle inserted into the arm and circulates blood through the wheel, turning it, and the E-Pulse Conductor is inserted in veins near the spine and picks up electrical impulses.

This ingenious project is simultaneously technological wizardry, fashion statement, and social commentary. She has also made a short film to accompany it, which depicts individuals using their bodies to light up their world in a way that makes it meaningful for them, drawing them further into this addiction, but also seeming to drain them. It is as if they only feel alive when they can have this visionary reality before them, which requires their energy to manifest; so what makes them feel alive is what ironically enervates and devitalizes them, and is also what closes them off to any other world, perpetuating the cycle.



SOMA is an upcoming sci-fi survival horror video game from Frictional, the developer of the Penumbra series and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. This seems to have the intense atmosphere, deep horror, and lush graphics of the studio’s other titles, but in the new context of a science fiction setting within which it will explore existential themes. It’s set to be released in early 2015.


The Somnabulist Bride: Paintings by Stephen Mackey

Stephen Mackey’s soft, dreamy, charming paintings are reminiscent of 17th-, 18th-, and 19th-century portraits. Animal-headed ladies and bow-lipped children pose enigmatically in idyllic, sumptuous settings, all enmeshed in an atmosphere of mystery, whimsy, and subtle eeriness. With an avid historical awareness and deft skill, Mackey creates little worlds within the edges of these paintings.

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