Cement Factory Turned Residential Home

Architect Ricardo Bofill bought an old, abandoned cement factory in Barcelona, Spain in 1973, and transformed it into a dream home that looks like a sort of enchanted, ivy-covered industrial fairytale castle from the outside, and inside is a contrasting modern spectacle of heavenly spaces. The mix of old and new is fascinating, as the structure and elements of the original factory are clearly present, integrated into a luxe, contemporary style, and it is also evocative of a cathedral and gives off a sense of antiquity.

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GETOUTOFYOURSKIN by Caterina Ciuffoletti

This fashion collection is a result of designer Caterina Ciuffoletti’s experimentation with the Nietzschean concept of the “Dionysian spirit,” which embodies man as he really is (man’s nature), vs. the “Apollonian spirit,” which is the idea of the social being (man’s ideal).