Sara Suppan’s “Human Anatomical Manikin”

“…my work gravitates in imagery from antiquated medical practices, historic anatomical illustration, and the pathological grotesque. Many of my pieces feature a fusion of botanical and anatomical forms, or structures from the human anatomy acting as an environment in which to house another subject. Roses, or even planetary systems, will be imbedded in muscle tissue; entire figures trapped inside boney caves, or ribbons of cow carcass.”
— Sara Suppan


Sarah Allen Eagen

Sarah Eagen is a New York-based sculpture, installation, and mixed media artist as well as photographer and painter. She is “inspired by bio-art, body architecture, and biological surrealism”; she focuses on evoking a visceral response in the viewer and explores the tensions between comfort and discomfort, the beautiful and the grotesque, and the dissolved borders between these seeming contradictions, where “something is at once seductive and repulsive.”

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