“The Exorcism of…” by Anti Sweden

I love the movement in this film, the dark, wild kinetic energy. Directed by Marius Tharaldsen and modeled by Vilde Victoria Madsen, for design agency Anti’s newly launched black denim line, “Anti Sweden.” Inspired by the Norwegian “culture of darkness” and the spirit of black metal’s aesthetics.


Chris Berens – “Leeuwenhart”

Chris BerensLeeuwenhart show is currently exhibiting at the Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle. These precious, glowing, softly translucent works have a surreal fairytale-land feel, and a unique look which comes from Berens’ singular method of using inks (as well as bistre, graphite, and parquet lacquer) on inkjet photo paper, and piecing the works together in a patchwork fashion in 1-3-inch pieces; some patches are suffused with a haze, while others are sharp to the point of photorealism. The overall effect has a lot of depth, layering, softness, and wonderfully dreamlike, gently bizarre qualities.

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Pedro Pires’ “Danse Macabre”

“For a period of time, while we believe it to be perfectly still, lifeless flesh responds, stirs and contorts in a final macabre ballet. Are these spasms merely erratic motions or do they echo the chaotic twists and turns of a past life?”


Una Burke’s Medical Armor

Una Burke’s Re.Treat is a conceptual collection of artwear inspired by prosthetic devices and medical braces and the process of healing from trauma. The warrior-like body armor is reminiscent of medical corsetry, and evokes the idea of using human flesh as a shield against psychological harm. The means of protection also become a means of entrapment, binding the body tightly. She cites a few of her influences as Hans Bellmer, Alexander McQueen, and Erwin Olaf.